Rounding Up the Ducks

During the summer of 1991, Mom was in one of her “duck phases.” I think she secretly wanted to be Mrs. Farmer in the Dell and ducks didn’t need to be penned up like her chickens. Konnie and I lived in Grandpa Miller’s home and were hosting Jim and Lupe’ O’Brien, running friends from Los Angeles.

About mid-afternoon, we got a call from the Hyrum City offices. It was Fran Baer on the phone. She called to tell me that Mom’s ducks had run away from home and were wandering around the town square, terrorizing children. She’d already tried calling Mom and Dad at home but they were out of town for a couple of days. She hoped I could herd the ducks the block and half back to Mom and Dad’s place.

Jim and Lupe were in hysterics. They couldn’t believe that the City Clerk knew who the ducks belonged to or would go the effort of tracking down a family member to reclaim them. Having never participated in a duck round up, of course they insisted on joining our posse.

Arriving on the scene, we quickly spotted the 5-6 ducks and the chase was on. The town square’s wide-open spaces gave the ducks plenty of escape options and despite our collective running abilities, the ducks proved very illusive. Konnie, Lupe and our daughter Amy joined in the fray but ducks can be a little frightening when you finally do latch onto one. After a half hour or so, we each had a duck or two in our arms and hand-delivered them safely to Mom and Dad’s place.

Imagine our surprise and amusement the next afternoon when Mom called to ask us whose ducks they were! Apparently, the resident ducks were not taking kindly to the uninvited newcomers. We never did find out whom the ducks really belonged to.



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