Joyce Just Trying to Help

Joyce “Helps” Rinda Deal With a Dogged Problem

Joyce was notorious for “just trying to help” and finding creative solutions to seemingly pressing problems.

Like Lyle, daughter Rinda was a dog lover and especially liked the larger breeds if they had a gentle disposition. She was thrilled to get an Irish Wolfhound pup, which she named “Tilley”. Wolfhounds are quite rare and extremely expensive.

During a brief period of time when Rinda was moving and getting settled, Lyle and Joyce agreed to care for Tilley, which by now was nearing Shetland pony size. Tilley was a gentle house dog who seemed to forget her size. Characteristically, Lyle cussed the dog for, well, doing “dog” things. Who was to know that Joyce was hatching a solution to this inconvenience?

Knowing that Irish Wolfhounds were excellent at tending sheep and protecting them from predators, Joyce, unbeknownst to Rinda and Lyle, somehow found a sheepherder who wanted Tilley. When the sheepherder asked Joyce how much the dog would cost, Joyce asked: “Is $40 too much?” Of course, it wasn’t and the deal was done. Off Tilley went with the sheepherder.

Joyce then proudly called Rinda at work to let her know that she’d found a good home for Tilley and that she’d gotten $40 out of the deal to boot. Rinda, knowing the dog’s worth, was stunned. When Lyle got home later that day and asked where Tilley was, Joyce repeated the tale and seemed surprised when Lyle was upset.

“Well, you cussed the dog all of the time,” she explained. “I cuss you all of the time too but that doesn’t mean I want to get rid of you,” Lyle retorted. Lyle and Rinda tried, in vain, to locate the sheepherder to reclaim Tilley but he had disappeared. – as told by Rinda Miller, February 2016


Joyce “Helps” Marianne Search For a Husband

One of my early and continuing memories is of Joyce trying to find a husband for me. I could never figure out what characteristics she was looking for in a son-in-law but her pursuit was ruthless. I stopped being embarrassed at about age 12. She gave it a rest when she decided I was a poor risk in the marriage department. That didn’t last long. She and I were going into the church for Robin’s wedding reception when a new victim was spotted. Mother told him he looked like he’d be about the right age for her daughter. He thanked her and promptly introduced us to his wife !! We found out later he was the bishop. Joyce had been out-Joyced. She stopped the public proposals after that but remained concerned about my lack of a spouse ! I certify this story is true.  – as told by Marianne Miller, February 2016