Colorful Language and Memorable Sayings

Mom and Dad had a few “go to” sayings and phrases that still bring a smile to my face.  Mom seemed to delight in embarrassing people while Dad’s expressions seemed a bit more sincere.  Undoubtedly, I’ve not captured them all but here are a few of my favorites:

“If the recipe called for a pint of pee, I’d put it in” – Mom’s cooking

“Black bastards” – Dad’s name for flies

“Planting seeds in the afternoon and digging them up the next morning” – Mom’s description of a healthy sex life

“Turn me on and leave me running” – Dad’s description of Mom’s attractiveness

“Meaner than sour owl shit” – according to Dad, the epitome of meanness

“Meaner than cat manure” – Mom’s version of the same

“We were so poor we didn’t have a pot to pee in” – Mom’s description of their early years of marriage

“Who caught you screwing the pooch?” – Mom’s accusation that the car dealers must have something on Dad because he always paid their asking price

“Chicken shit” – used by both Lyle and Joyce, often used to goad someone into doing something questionable

“Numb nuts” – Dad’s way of telling me I should have known better


Dana Miller, February 2016