Photo Albums

Lyle Boyhood

Lyle childhood Lyle childhood-5 Lyle childhood-4 Lyle childhood-3 Lyle childhood-2 Lyle childhood-1 Lyle with Merlyn on pony Young Lyle with his dog Lyle as a baby

Marvin and Lucille Miller

10 3 2 5 4 6 11 7 8 13 1 12 9

Bill and Theresa Reynolds

Bill and Theresa Reynolds Christmas Tree Bill and Theresa Reynolds-5 Bill and Theresa Reynolds-4 Bill and Theresa Reynolds Bill and Theresa Reynolds-3 Bill and Theresa Reynolds-2 Bill and Theresa Reynolds-1 Theresa - Sunshine Terrace 1971 Theresa - cooking Theresa - quilting Theresa - early 20s

Joyce Childhood

Theresa & Joyce - Wm Budge Hospital Joyce with doll buggy Sept 4 1933 Joyce approx 1936 Joyce & Joe Sept 7 1936 Joyce - South Cache marching band Joyce - early teens Joyce - 1940s


    • Rinda…I agree! I enjoy looking at their old photos a lot as it reminds me that they lived very interesting lives and went through many of the same trials we all do. Sometimes looking at the photos does make me miss them terribly.

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