A Family Website?

Some may wonder if we need a Lyle and Joyce Miller website and if anyone will look at it.  Lyle passed away in 1998, sixteen years ago.  Joyce left us in 2007, seven years ago.  With each passing year, our memories of Mom and Dad fade, omitting important and endearing details of their remarkable lives.  It’s kind of like a masterpiece painting that, over time, is stripped of its vivid colors, subtle shading, bold brush strokes and fine detail.  To the eye of the beholder, the painting’s subject is still discernible but its beauty and potential for emotional connection is gone.  Wouldn’t it be a shame if our memories of Lyle and Joyce were allowed to dim, leaving them mere sketchy, generic outlines instead of the very colorful individuals we knew them to be?

Lyle and Joyce wedding 6-22-1944

Lyle and Joyce’s Wedding June 22, 1944

I’m also sure that we can learn a lot about living from how Lyle and Joyce met life’s challenges.  Most people would agree that they certainly had more than their share of trials and tragedies.  Did they handle all that life threw at them perfectly?  No, of course not.  They did, however, survive these tribulations, found some enjoyment along the way and lived long enough to find themselves in calmer waters.  We, their posterity, are now “the adults” and encountering our own set of life’s challenges..  Remembering what and how Lyle and Joyce endured with such style gives us the courage and confidence to face all that life might confront us with.

Finally, Lyle and Joyce, although dramatically different people, were each delightful in their own ways.  Who can forget Lyle, tipping and shaking his head at Joyce’s antics?  Preserving their individual identities and life together through stories and photos will help us keep them vibrant and alive.  To remember them is one of the biggest tributes we can pay them.  They are our heritage.

The website editor welcomes your comments, corrections and additions to this dynamic history.